I’m giving away one copy of Rooted & Blooming, Flourishing In Desert Seasons, my 40 day devotional, and on of my new favorite great planners! I need a planner to keep life straight, but I hate big fussy ones. This planner is perfection in my opinion. After I bought my first one, I wanted to buy another to give away. I love the colors and flowers on the one I chose below. I added a little paperclip page marker with a pink tassel.


I’ll give you a link after I hold your attention hostage for a few minutes. (Rotten, huh?) Don’t worry, there’s a picture of baby goats.

The planner has a year-at-a-glance page as well as monthly and weekly views. The genius in this pretty paperback planner is the lined days. I need those in my life!

Love the fabulous quotes each month, too.

My producer friend Serena Travis is busy recording rooted & Blooming and the audio version will be available on Audible at some point this summer.

Rooted & Blooming is available all over now, including Amazon in print and kindle versions, Barnes & Noble, Nook, GooglePlay, Kobo, and even

I’ve been crazy busy with lambs and goat kids. Not to mention it’s summer so…children.

As soon as all the goats have their babies and life settles down, I plan on reading tons! I have a pile about 3 feet tall. I’m also happily writing when time (children) allow.

I wanted to ask you to please, if you have read Rooted & Blooming, to consider leaving a review, sharing a post of social media with a photo, or otherwise helping to get the word out. I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback from people who have been ministered to, and I’m thrilled. That was the prayer and purpose of the book. Thank you to all of those who have purchased the devotional and supported me in that way. You are so appreciated!

To enter the giveaway, please follow this link.

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Below I put a few pictures from the Northwest Christian Writers Retreat, where I got to hang and out and learn from some fantastic authors, including Frank Peretti and his lovely wife Barbara as well as the extraordinary Jim Rubart.


I’ve also been growing a variety of sweet peas, snuggling lambs, and enjoying my husband’s photography skills.

Rooted & Blooming Audio Version!


Rooted & Blooming, Flourishing In Desert Seasons is, as of this morning now available on!

I am thrilled, and thankful that producer Serena Travis suggested this project and offered to narrate the book. She doesn’t really top-notch work.

Now you can read it in print, e-book, or listen to this devotional!

For those who like to listen on a commute, or perhaps someone needing encouragement but too busy to sit and read, or maybe someone with eyesight loss, this is the way to go.

I use my audible account every day. I listen to books in the car, while outside walking, sunning in my lawn chair, or even while working around the house or barn. I’m an audible fan for myself and my little people. I like my kids to listen to books instead of stare at a screen or play video games.

Dog Days Of Summer

The boys went camping, my sister bought another horse, and I worked on writing and getting my audio version of Rooted & Blooming completed.

Life is so good on the ranch this time of year I rarely leave.

What are you up to this summer?

You Belong With Me

Tari Faris has her debut novel out and its good! So good in fact that I put up with the dogs and lamb pestering me so I could sit in the sunshine and finish the book today because I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down!

You Belong With Me is your next summer read!

The end of this post has a link to my review on Goodreads.

This novel was everything a romance novel should be…ALL the feels! Page 266 had my emotions in a choke hold. The heroes will make you swoon, the heroines are brave, vulnerable and feisty.

The small town setting is well thought out and detailed. I can picture it in my mind. There’s the added bonus of a dog in the story as well as a brass hippo. Will we ever find out how he moves around the town? Maybe in the next story. I think I know, but not knowing for sure is fun.

The characters were well-developed and the plot complex enough to keep you guessing but loose ends tied and the ending satisfying. I ended with a sigh of happiness and the sweet knowledge that there will be another story! I’m looking forward to it.

The book is stand alone but you will love the Novella prequel, P.S. Goodbye.

Just so you know, it’s hard to focus when you have this face staring up at you. The lamb with the broken leg is recovering nicely for those of you following his story, but he really misses his flock.A little catch up: I was in Seattle last weekend for the Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal and had a wonderful time. I met some great new authors and have been fanning over their books. I also got to meet two great authors I already was familiar with and enjoyed they inspirational words. The workshops all weekend we’re brilliant. Frank Peretti and James L. Rubart gave us some laughs and emotional tears too. Excellent writers, generous and humble . Great men.

Book Release and Giveaway

To celebrate the release of my 40 day devotional, Rooted & Blooming, and my husband’s and my silver anniversary AND my birthday, I thought it would be fun to give gifts to one of my readers! There’s a copy of Rooted & Blooming, a gorgeous Papaya Art clutch, a bar of my own handmade goat milk soap, Red Apple scent, some cute cactus earrings, and a set of 3 cactus themed notebooks. whew! Fun prize!

I set up a rafflecopter for the giveaway and it will choose a random winner. I’ll notify the winner by email.

The giveaway starts 3/25- RELEASE day for Rooted & Blooming, which you can buy on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print or e-book as well as Kobo in e-book. Look for the audio version soon. It’s being recorded now!

The giveaway ends 4/2

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Rooted Blooming Ranked #1

Well it lasted for a little while! Rooted & Blooming was ranked the #1 release in the Christian Devotional category today. That was fun. If you’re looking for a devotional book that is encouraging, strengthening, and a call to bear up under pressure, trials, stress, or anything negative in life, you might want to check out my book baby. The print and e-book editions are set to release March 25th. They are available for pre-order now. If you do get one and read it, please leave a review on the site you ordered from. Reviews help authors so very much and they are appreciated more than you know.

They don’t have to be long, or detailed. Just a simple few words and hopefully stars 🙂

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