Simple Days

My life is blessed…it’s dreams come true kind of living as far as I’m concerned. That’s not to say it isn’t hard. That there aren’t difficulties, hardships, and heartaches. There are of course. But overall, I live how I’d always dreamed I might as a child. But this is not always how it’s been. Maybe stories will come out in this blog.

I milk my herd of miniature Nubian dairy goats every evening. Grateful we are late in the lactation cycle and can go down to once-a-day milking instead of twice. After 13 years of this my hands are killing me. No joke.

The air is getting crisp at night. The apple orchards I am utterly surrounded by are all heavy with fruit. Busy pickers are filling up gigantic wooden apple boxes placed in every orchard. It’s football season- which means we wear our Seahawk blue and green on Fridays. It also means I’m pinning football food on Pinterest. I used to hate football season. My husband is a football nut and Hawks fan and I felt like a football widow until I decided to become a fan too. Honey, my husband finds that very attractive. (I’m winking and doing a sly smile here)

I’ve made chevre and feta this year, but I’m feeling weary. I mostly worked on a tan and read books this summer- which is rare for me. I decided a couple of simple and small achievable goals were in order for my health (read mental) and so that was it! Now I’m working on losing the 30 pounds I gained during the 5 years we did foster care. (stress eating)It’s not pretty. I have some darling jeans in my closet and I don’t even fit into my “fat” pair.

Since it’s just about fall and school starts up for us next week I should be very busy with preparing to homeschool a high school senior and a first grader; however I’m creating this blog instead. Can you tell I’m not highly motivated this year? It’s my 17th year homeschooling and I’m…tired.

I’m convinced if I write as much as possible, and if I ride my horses as much as possible, I will become a better mother. I know. But…(insert smiley face)

One of the great gifts of my life is living on this horse ranch surrounded by other horse ranches and having friends with horses to ride with on our dirt roads. The view from horseback is one of my favorites. A long ride through the orchards is balm to my soul.


My geriatric herd queen is a sweet Nubian named Luci. She’s really looking worse for wear and I’ll bet she’s feeling it too. With the chilly nights she has had the comfort of blanket on her bony body. Sorry for the blurry photo but one of my sons put the coat on her as a favor to me and she wasn’t happy with the male attention and fussed about it. Yes  he is in flip flops in the barn- it runs in the family, don’t judge.

My days are simple. Full. Busy and productive and pleasant for the most part. They aren’t nearly the struggle they were. So, I figure it’s a good time to start writing again. Besides, winter is on it’s way, which means cozy fires, hot tea and time for reading and writing. I’m actually looking forward to being indoors again, but only for those reasons. I’m sure by December 26th I’ll be bitter about the weather again and complaining that spring needs to hurry up.


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