Mental Health Day

Even though I tried to have a pretty low key summer, and school only started a couple weeks ago I’m already feeling the strain. Last year can’t be called anything but stressful, and my husband and I both still feel like wrung out old dishrags.

I have at least a million tasks waiting for attention everyday. Who doesn’t? Yesterday was refreshing because the Beth Moore simulcast happened. I look forward to that every year, however this year, halfway through I realized I was coming down fast with the virus my son was home sick with…kind of spoiled it. But Beth Moore delivers and I was expecting to hear something confirmed from the Lord and I did. So there’s that. I usually go with a daughter or friend but this year I ended up attending alone. It didn’t deter me- I don’t miss a Beth Moore opportunity! The other ladies there, while strangers were still friendly and I didn’t feel too awkward. I actually felt I had an opportunity to wholly focus and that was good.

The day before that I texted my neighbor and friend down the road and asked her if she had the time to ride our horses out after lunch. I love living on a dirt road with several neighbors who are friends and all ride horses too.

She agreed and we set a time to meet at the barn and arena next door because before I ride out on the trails I always lounge my horse so she gets too tired for shenanigans.

The picture below is a little embarrassing since it shows I don’t ride often enough. Both my horses are fat. We could all stand to work out more and lose some weight.

Fancy is a lovely paint horse with blue eyes. She’s a devil to catch though. There’s so much effort to that catch, grooming and carrying the tack from the barn, through the pasture to the hitching post, you would think I would do that more just for the work out!

I love this view. We rode through the 90 acres of apple and pear orchards that my friend’s family owns. We enjoyed perfect weather, a Redtail Hawk, and practiced picking ripe apples off loaded down trees for snacks from horseback. You’re never too old, you know.

Isn’t she fabulous? I am so happy she moved here.

We are right in the midst of apple picking season and the orchards are busier than you can imagine with pickers, dogs, tractors and quads. The horses did pretty well though. Throughout certain parts of the orchards, depending on which variety of apples are being harvested, there are either huge empty, wooden apple bins waiting for their loads, or else full bins waiting to be picked up by the semi trucks that come through our dirt roads. Now you know where your apples come from 🙂

There are more varieties of apples grown just here in our neighborhood than I can count. I think these were Golden Delicious.


I love to document everything with pictures…and blog posts, obviously. Here I am even busy snapping shots on my iPhone.

We rode all over their property and the scenery was stunning. The freedom of that kind of horseback riding is healing for the soul.

(Yes, I am wearing yoga capri pants with cowboy boots. That’s just how I roll. Deal with it.)

I could’t help getting pictures of the full apple bins. That’s what I was doing in the picture above. The picture really doesn’t come close to doing their beauty justice. Maybe the rich sweet scent that also permeates the air has something to do with how stunning I find the sight of the apple orchards this time of year.

Poor Kito. He had to stay home while Fancy and I had fun. He worked up such a sweat running and buckling and crying along the fence line for us, that by the time we got back he was soaked. He decided he was itchy and a good roll in the dust would relieve that…as well as show us how happy he was we came home. I tried to capture the shot of him rolling, but missed it and got this one, of him just he was standing up and shaking off. I think it’s fabulous and funny! He looks like Pigpen, and that bent ear…oh!

It was a long hot ride in the foothills. We live in the high desert and only have all the green trees because of irrigation.

Fancy is really too fat, but after I brushed her out I couldn’t resist rewarding her with a snack of tender green lawn.

The magazines I love to browse and share with my neighbors. Inspiration.

It was a great ride and I felt restored to calm afterward. Getting outside and away from all the chores and to-do’s are so necessary sometimes. I don’t know how people who live in the city manage, but I guess we are all so different and what relaxes and rejuvenates me doesn’t do it for everyone.

What do you do for R & R?

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