So Over It

I’m not a winter person per se…

I don’t ski, snowboard or snowshoe. I think snow is lovely. In pictures and movies. But I do not enjoy the cold. I don’t like shoveling it, breaking up ice in the horse trough or water buckets. I’d rather sip fruity drinks in the shade of a sultry day, but alas, here I am, trudging through knee-deep snow to feed animals that look miserable too, even In their extra winter fur.

I share this with you because you 1. Might like snow, and 2. May live in a hot place and wonder what it’s like here

Now you know.

Hurry up spring!

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Winter Contemplations…Because: Snow

We have so much snow here… the neighbors who have lived her longer than us (14 years) say it hasn’t snowed this much since 1996.

Well, it’s a drag. Being snowed in sounds romantic and cozy, but not if you still have to make your way off the ranch to town for activities and errands every day. It’s not romantic when your little Kia Sportage has to get down a driveway that is nightmarish. Here I have to stop and offer with much gratitude that this new car has handled better in the snow than anything I’ve owned so far. All-wheel-drive and 4-wheel with just a push of a button has been a life saver! Maybe literally.

Living in the country has so many perks is not trade it, but the one disasterous thing about it is navigating winter roads that don’t get the same attention as town roads. I can’t even think about the driveway. It’s too long to shovel by hand and too scary to contemplate at doing it at all. A tractor with a snowplow would solve many problems here, but alas we don’t own one.

Since I’m the only one at home with 4-wheel drive I’m doing the driving. It keeps me busy for sure, and it’s just as much of a job to keep the animals fed and watered in these attic conditions. Last week it was -2 degrees! The electric heated water buckets are still slushy!

Our Maremma livestock guardian dog pack don’t mind the snow at all. They’re made for this stuff.

The horses on the other hand seem a little bitter about it and who could blame them? The sheep don’t seem to mind, but the goats are going bonkers locked up in the barn. They are so bored I’m afraid of what they might get up to.

With so much time spent indoors when I’m usually outside a good part of the day, I have at least gotten lots of reading done. Here’s my current read:

This book was sent to me a couple months ago by Bethany House publisher for free so I could read it and write an unbiased review, but I had been so busy during the holidays and getting winter-ready I’d fallen behind on it. Alive In The Spirit is a book of sermons given decades ago by A. W. Tozer, compiled and edited by James L. Snyder who saw their relevance to our day. I see it too,  as I read through. The basics of the faith never get old but they do get forgotten, neglected or corrupted by some. I found this book to be especially relevant given all the new doctrines tossed out there and gobbled up by itchy ears used to feel-good, fast food-style sermons today. This is a sensible book. I rather liked it, but I’m a nerd like that. If you have some time and would like a refresher on experiencing God’s power in your life, and on the role and person of the Holy Spirit then this might be a book that should prove useful to you.

I hope you’re enjoying your winter. Mine is certainly memorable so far. I’ll be busy keeping the fires going, waters flowing, and everyone fed!


LIGHT Partnership – Help make a difference


I highly recommend you watch the documentary Blood Brother I did yesterday and was stunned to silence by a misfit young man walking out genuine fearless love and making such a difference! 

If you want to see what love can do, then watch Rocky Braat live his life. This was the best thing I’ve ever seen, hands down.

Blood Brother Preview
Then, if you’re as moved and inspired as I am maybe you’ll want to help him do what he’s doing: love the least of these.