Sheep. Yes, Sheep.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love my goats. Specifically my dairy goats. I have a new love. Dairy sheep! I am intoxicated by the smell of their fleece. I know, weird, but other sheep people will understand.

Sheep milk: divine. I mean, for real- the milk is sweet, super rich and creamy and a dream for making cheese and soap and especially an extra large mocha cappuccino.

When they are friendly, and love scratches, and they wag their tail like a puppy, it increases the love I have for them. 🙂

Sheep are fabulous, and I’ve decided than an animal so practical really does deserve more press. The Icelandic and East Friesian dairy sheep that I am concentrating on are really a try-purpose animal. They provide fleece, meat, and milk. Not to mention they really are a lot of fun and make affectionate pets when they’re tame.

Sheep are very similar to goats in their needs. I haven’t had to learn too many new things as far as their overall care is concerned. They require less copper than the goats, and actually can get copper poisoning if they get into my goat’s minerals. The other thing is that my dairy goats when pregnant and lactating get fed alfalfa hay, but that’s too much protein for the sheep breeds I have, so just good old orchard grass keeps them healthy and blooming. Other breeds may require a more protein-rich hay. One of the reasons I appreciate the breeds I have chosen is because of their easy-keeping ways.

And did I mention the milk is delicious?



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