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Peace In The Valley

  So not too long ago I reviewed the second book in the trilogy set at the Double S Ranch in my own home valley in central Washington. The third book is Peace In The Valley. Ruth Logan Herne is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. This world is so often dark and ugly,… Continue reading Peace In The Valley

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Reflections of the Evening

I noticed a spice to the night air as I left the barn. Almost like cinnamon but not quite. I silently thanked the Lord for the blessing of that scented air, practicing thankfulness despite of the grumbling voice inside the back of my head somewhere that complained about the biting chill. It’s nearly the middle… Continue reading Reflections of the Evening

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I live in a place that most people aspire to retreat to. I'm blessed and I know it. I'm surrounded by things I love, scents that soothe and sights that dazzle. Me at least. I love agriculture. If something's farm-themed I'm intrigued. I have little interest in city life unless it's a short visit including great… Continue reading HOME

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Antacids and Self-Discipline

I'm back to chewing chalky peppermint Tums throughout the day. That's the only kind that doesn't make me gag. I kind of like that chalky-ness. Those fruity ones...agh! But anyway, I'm having issues with acid reflux and looking 7 months pregnant again. Every time I eat wheat or corn- bam! Instant bloat and suffering. You… Continue reading Antacids and Self-Discipline

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The Essential Amish Cookbook

Herald Press kindly invited me to enjoy a copy of Lovina Eicher's cookbook. I wasn't aware before, but this lovely woman is popular and has a syndicated column, Lovina's Amish Kitchen, which appears in 40 newspapers around the United States and on a weekly blog. Impressive. She has quite the collection of delicious, homey recipes. This… Continue reading The Essential Amish Cookbook


My little flock.I have 4 Icelandic ewes and 2 East Friesian ewes.My primary concern is dairy, as I make cheese and other dairy products and I make soap. My ewes all have very nice fleeces because I feel like our ranch is more peaceful and happy when everyone is productive and I don’t have a lot of buying and selling going on. It disturbs the flocks and herds here.The animals are happier and healthier when we aren’t too large in numbers but the girls still have daughters living with them.My breeds are selected for the fact that they are triple purpose. Very practical. Both the East Friesian as well the Icelandic are considered a triple purpose breed. Fleece, meat, and dairy. The E. F. sheep are obviously higher producers of milk. They are also friendlier and much larger.We live in Yakima Washington which is a high-desert region.This is Francesca one of my East Friesian girls. They one of or the highest milk producing breed of sheep.Carmen is a lovely little girl. She will be around 180-200 pounds full grown.Below is the lovely Francesca, my other East Friesian.Here is my mentor Valerie from Valhalla Farm in Selah, Washington holding my sweet little Charlotte a bottle fed Icelandic with a superb fleece. She’s super cuddly and sweet. I plan on training her to the milk stand.This is Gisela and her twin ewe lambs. The chocolate is Beatrice, and she is horned. The black is polled like her mom and named Rosamund.Of course in order for our family of animals here remain healthy and strong and not over-crowded, new lambs and goat kids must be sold every year to keep numbers down and the barn full of quality hay. Keep your eyes out for the sales list.http://proverbs31nubians.blogspot.comSaveSave