Summer Livin’

I’m sure some of you spend summers traveling and lolling about in lounge chairs, reading by your pool. Well, lots of people around here do that anyway. It’s hot! I love those things too, and I’m already nut-brown, which is an act of God Almighty for this freckled woman of Irish and Swedish descent; but bound to happen if there’s enough time in the hot desert sun.


I’m spending my afternoons reading good fiction, eating campari tomatoes with mineral salts and sublime garlic and rosemary chèvre I’ve made from the milk of my pet goats. I’m feeling very bohemian these days, sipping sun tea or else my own twice fermented berry kombucha.

Evenings are for grilling on the Traegar, watering the flowers and hanging out with the grown up kids or else reading books on writing.

Always there are the myriad of chores required when a person like me owns horses, goats, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs and a goose. Then there’s the Sugar Gliders, tortoise, fish, indoor plants and various ferments on the kitchen counter that all require daily care and feeding.

Once in awhile I clean up the house and do some laundry…so no, I don’t go on vacation. I do mini vacays at home. I live on a ranch surrounded on every side by either more horses or else apple orchards. Many people would pay money to come here and I don’t lose sight of that. A mini vacation for me means brewing up a good goat milk mocha cappuccino and immersing into a good read. Preferably in the sunshine lounging next to the kiddie pool while the little people splash and argue over something stupid. Like a rock. But hey, kids. Maybe we can scratch that last part and describe the vacation with the kids away for the day.


Yes, that’s better.

I’ve always treated myself to as many quiet mornings in my Bible as possible, followed of course by the inevitable milking of the gots and the rest of chores . However, it’s made more palatable by the fact that I know I can either choose to make a cheddar cheese, batch of feta, chèvre or even goat milk soap.

Recently my youngest son and I attended and were even entered (this time) in a miniature dairy goat show. It was something we could do together and help him develop some social skills and livestock showing skills. It turned out to be great fun and we will likely do it again next year. The little red dueling pictured took a 1st and we were surprised and pleased by that.

Come to think of it, I’m still crazy busy, it just seems more relaxing for the afternoons in the sun. Maybe being tan makes me feel like I’ve accomplished more relaxation and self-care than I actually have. Who cares, I’m tan.

Maybe I’ll get a pedicure and that will make it seem like I’m pampering and resting.





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