My Writing Space (s)

I have always wanted to write. I learned to read by age four and devoured books until my time belonged to raising babies. I still read of course, just not all day!

I love the written word dearly. It soothes me, inspires me, changes me and just plain makes me happy. I'm the kind of woman who would rather shop at an office supply store rather than the mall. Weird I know. A fresh, blank notebook and brand new pens and pencils… oh how I love 'em! Sticky notes?! Give them to me!

I've come to be okay with a new , blank word document too. 😊

I have 4 favorite writing spots at home. The one in the picture above is in our bedroom. (It's a huge room) this one is where I usually do most of my scheduling and self-study.

The photo below shows the desk in my office. (It's tiny) The desk is up against a fabulous window where I can see birds at the feeder or my barn and upper pasture. I never tire of this view, especially if the goats are there.

This is the space where I do most of my homeschool related stuff; also paperwork for my flock of sheep and herd of goats. They're all registered animals so aside from health records, keeping registrations straight keeps me busy.

Below is my dining room table which is basically control central. I do most things from this spot because it's the center of the house.

You're probably noticing that all my work spaces are cluttered. Well…if I don't see it, it might as well not exist. If something is out of place, it's because I'm leaving myself a reminder that it needs doing or tending.

This is a shot of my ewes. I find my soul is at rest when I'm surrounded by my flock of sheep. I had a craving to know firsthand all of the references the Lord uses in the Bible about shepherding. Sheep, a good shepherd , etc.

So I bought some. Typical me. Now I've set myself up as a breeder of two different breeds, and I've read widely and subscribed to magazines. I go full immersion for a while when I'm learning something new.
Sheep are peaceful, friendly creatures, and once they have bonded with you- and you'll know if they have- you're in for life. I like having an animal tribe that loves me no matter what.

My goats are my babies too. They are more rascally than the sheep and like a good romp, not quite as peaceful unless it's time for an afternoon cud chewing session.

Whenever I need a brain break from reading or writing I usually browse my phone but that's a bad habit I'd like to break. It's such a time waster. I do adore my cozy bed with Netflix on my iPad, but that's after the day is done.

No matter where I am, my little Magpie is at my feet.

The photo below shows my morning ritual. Morning Bible and prayer with Jesus and a mocha cappuccino made with raw goat milk. I'm also fond of raw sheep milk 😊

It's not at all unusual for me to have a small boy or curly top little girl playing on the floor during my morning time with the Lord.

Well, these are my favorite work spots. I'd love to hear about yours. If you've blogged about your spots, let me know in the comments so I visit please?

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