My Favorite Days

My favorite days are the peaceful days of fall when it’s sunny and warm outside without much of a breeze, if any at all.

Sitting in the sun barefoot and soaking in the D while getting the soul therapy of a quiet mind, just observing and being outside. With the animals of course. I love each group and they all offer their own brand of companionship.

The sheep are calming. The goats are enthralling. The chickens as well. The horses in their majesty are inspiring.

The key is being quiet and only sitting amongst them observing. It’s like a medicine.

If you don’t have your own or at least a friend or neighbor’s animals to be with, try being alone in the woods, at a pond or lake, or even in your own back yard watching birds and squirrels at feeders.

It’s cheaper than therapy with a counselor 😄

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