New Life Here

Well, I’m tired! And it’s not over yet. We have had three ewes deliver in the past couple days, with a total of eight new lambs on the ground. Both of my yearlings had triplets and so making sure everyone is getting milk is a priority for the next couple days.

Getting the mamas all de-wormed and everyone their BoSe shots, not to mention clean shavings in all the stalls in the barn and keeping up with clean water buckets has kept farm kid and I hopping.

We’ve had one dairy goat kid, and two more due any day now. There’s also a couple of fat cats waddling around the ranch and barn, getting ready to give us roly-poly kittens to snuggle. The chickens and goose are laying and overall, there’s a general feeling of busy productivity and new life all over the place here.

The work load this time of year can be daunting, but living here brings me so much peace. The work is good, clean, healthy, and hard. The animals all live in harmony and everyone is curious about the new babies. The livestock guardian dogs are working overtime to keep the property free of predators, sometimes sleeping right in front of the barn door, which indicates a threat at some point in the night. I sleep easy, knowing they are on the job.

My sister saw this picture and asked what the weird purple thing was in this shot below. It’s the fingers of a rubber glove sticking out of my pocket in case you’re wondering too.

I’ll have lots babies to show off, and that means we will start our steady stream of visitors coming with their children to cuddle all the newborns. It also means that this summer we will have the sad but practical job of deciding who stays and selling the others. We can’t keep them all, and we need to fill up the barn with hay in the fall. That means lambs and goat kids bring the price of a field (Proverbs 27), delivered and stacked up for winter feeding.

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