Daring To Hope Review

For some humans the capacity for kindness and generosity toward others is strong. For Katie Davis Majors it’s obvious to those of us who read her books, blog posts and observe her life-as-ministry that her capacity to love is enormous. We see in her a picture of grace we all wish we ourselves reflected. She makes us want to embrace selflessness and humility in our lives.


Katie dares to hope when things look bleak and her example teaches us to hope. And by bleak I mean imminent death, gaping, bloody wounds, abandoned people with nowhere left to go. A daily grind that would put many of us on our backs. That’s when Katie’s faith radiates the most.

Her first book showed us a brave teenager; a bold believer. This book shows us a humbled woman, who has learned to believe and hope in the hardest situations and has mellowed in her faith to a stronger, more vibrant and even clearer reflection of Ja Savior Who Loves. Jesus.

Katie has learned that ministry changes and hers now looks different than a few years ago. Her home and community have become her God-directed focus. I love this.

She has also learned that God walks with us in the dark. He doesn’t only show love by our desired and even prayed for outcome to critical issues. He loves us in our pain and broken places, and He somehow brings good out of death and despair. We keep walking and obeying and even continue to hope, and He grows us and our faith is nourished in even, and maybe especially, the droughts.

Daring to Hope is a tall glass of water in a desert. Katie shares the nitty-gritty, real-life struggle to hope in a good God even when circumstances would say He can’t be good. She shows us her tears and doubts, as well as her laughter and joy.

You don’t want to miss Daring To Hope, by Katie Davis Majors.

*This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an unbiased written review. Thank you, Blogging For Books.

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