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Rooted & Blooming Sample

The Big If   Mark 9:23 (CSB) "Jesus said to him, 'If you can? Everything is possible for the one who believes.'" It seems we are always and forever saying to Jesus, “but if You can do anything…” and He is saying to us, “If you can believe…” We often don’t have the courage to… Continue reading Rooted & Blooming Sample

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An Unpresentable Glory Review

Eleanor K. Gustafson has authored quite a story. I didn't understand the title and theme of this novel until the epilogue. A stranger finds his way into the garden of Linda Jensen. He's in a vulnerable state. She's highly in tune with the Holy Spirit. Thus begins a journey full of drama and emotion, complicated relationships… Continue reading An Unpresentable Glory Review

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My Hygge Spots

Lately we've had high nineties and triple digit weather. This means of course that I get stuff done early and late. This woman does not do extreme temperatures in either direction. Unlike my handsome, now swarthy husband who likes it hot enough to fry eggs outside. He's nuts though. I have a great love for… Continue reading My Hygge Spots