My Hygge Spots

Lately we’ve had high nineties and triple digit weather. This means of course that I get stuff done early and late. This woman does not do extreme temperatures in either direction. Unlike my handsome, now swarthy husband who likes it hot enough to fry eggs outside. He’s nuts though.


I have a great love for nature, and the beauty of creation outside, but the honest truth is, there’s still a big part of me that’s an indoor cat. I love to be cozy; thus my fondness for all things hyyge. Of course I love to read and write, and I’m spending a large portion of my days learning to be a better writer. I am devouring craft books, and I’ve invested in a membership to a few writer’s associations, as well as joining Novel Academy, which has turned out to be great fun. I love the classes, and the Thursday night Peptalks, which are live. Last night’s class was spent in front of the swamp cooler, because listen folks, it’s hotter than red chile sauce in this house anywhere else.


To beat the heat, lately I’m waking up about 5:30 am to have my mocha cappuccinos. (Yes, that’s plural. Don’t judge me)

That first couple of hours of calm, cool, quiet and solitude get me ready for hectic when the 8 year old boy rises. I love him, but gracious he’s loud.

I read my Bible first thing, and this year I’m going through the New Testament a few times instead of through the whole Bible like usual. I’ve been immersing in John 15, which is like an oasis in my soul that was but recently desert land.


I’m also writing 6 mornings a week, and averaging about 1500 words per session. I’m happy with that, because it’s more than I expected.  I had set a goal for myself of 500 words every morning. My office has a window overlooking the barn, and I have fleeces stored in there from my sheep. The smell of good fleece is dreamy to me. I have some dried lavender and lemon balm in there, brought to me by a neighbor. (the naughty goats ate all of mine) I keep a blue Beta fish on my desk, and all I need now is the comfy looking chair below. Someone tell my husband about this please. It’s at Costco. 🙂


The air quality alone from all of the fires should keep us inside. It’s pretty bad, although not up to the danger of last year’s air quite yet. Let’s hope we don’t reach that again. I’m saddened by all of the fires, and losing such beauty and wild life is devastating, not to mention all that people have lost in homes and lives. Something to pray about for sure.

This picture was taken by my husband. It’s his hyyge place. He takes the boys camping every year (leaving me home in blissful solitude and quiet) here. They come back not only refreshed, but clear headed. This is my husband’s sweet spot, in addition to home. He’s a family man and homebody, which of course suits me just fine.

When it cools off, I’ll be content to spend most of the day outside again. I love walks through the orchards, and even better to ride my horse around the dirt roads. There’s almost nothing like it.


When all else fails, grab a book and settle down for a good read. That’s my cure for lots of things. I find that escaping into a well-written book changes my attitude and refreshes my mind. There are so many good books out now, and lots of them are Indie published. I love that. Do you have any favorites?


What would a good read, or an afternoon, for that matter be without the afternoon coffee? And by coffee, I mean mocha cappuccino. Even better if there’s lots of foam on top and the milk is raw, from one of my own goats or ewes. This is udderly hyyge. (dorky, I know)


Everyone who knows me, knows that my sweetest spot is among my animal buddies. Either reading, writing, walking, or sun bathing, I like it all better if I’m surrounded by my animals.

Just so you know, all of my pictures were taken by my iPhone 8 Plus, except the nature shot taken by my husband on his phone, and that’s the newest Galaxy. They take such good pictures, we don’t even bother with a regular camera anymore.

Feel free to leave a comment, and tell me what kinds of things make you happy, cozy, or refreshed. I’d love to hear what feeds your soul.

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