An Unpresentable Glory Review


Eleanor K. Gustafson has authored quite a story.

I didn’t understand the title and theme of this novel until the epilogue.

A stranger finds his way into the garden of Linda Jensen. He’s in a vulnerable state. She’s highly in tune with the Holy Spirit. Thus begins a journey full of drama and emotion, complicated relationships and unpresentable glories.

So many issues are part of this tale: politics, immigration, mental illness, friendship, christianity, and a legion of others all flavor this story stew. But in the end the love of God and His scandalous mercy are what shine through.

Well done, Eleanor Gustafson, you gave us powerful characters and plot, a satisfying ending, and tied up the loose ends that kept the tension high and threatened my peace. Thank you for a memorable read.

The author does a beautiful job portraying Christ’s love, true discipleship, and being an ambassador for Christ in every nuance of daily life. Some characters are downright mysterious, some wicked, some glowing with goodness, but in the end you will be both surprised and touched. I cried through the epilogue, no kidding.

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