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Journal The Word Bible Review


NIV, Journal the Word Bible for Women, Comfort Print 500+ Prompts to Encourage Journaling and Reflection

By Zondervan Bibles
Published by Zondervan

Hey, are you looking for a nice Bible with lined wide margins for note taking, devotional thoughts, prayers, etc.? This handy sized Bible just might be what you’ve been searching for. I like the simplicity, the layout, and new Zondervan NIV Comfort Print font. It’s 9.9-point font, and interesting. I can’t say I would buy a Bible just for that font, but it’s nice. I’m not a particular fan of the NIV translation to study out of, either. It’s a nice reading Bible, and the margins are fabulous.

The cover is navy blue cloth over board. The gold and red embossed design is eye-catching. It fits comfortably in your hands, and is easy to grip. I must say I like the other covers better, and there are a number to choose from.

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As you can see the side margins are nice for jotting thoughts, prayers, dates, etc. I love wide margin Bibles. I won’t buy one that doesn’t have some sort. I write in all of my Bibles, and most of my books.

The presentation page is stunning. The devotional prompts throughout are nice. I think this Bible makes an ideal gift for someone who would like a little help getting their own devotions going, or maybe someone who is going through a dry spell and could use someone else’s inspiration to help keep them afloat. Spiritual practices can sometimes use assistance, you know?

This review was done by my own opinion. I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, and promised to give an unbiased written review.




Catch Up

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. It’s too busy though. The holidays coming up keep parts of my mind circling over ideas, menus, and gift ideas.

My sweet boy is still homeschooling but also getting some special help at the little country school down the road. His tutor is a friend from church and he’s already reading! Very proud mom here.

The school is nestled amongst apple orchards and small cattle ranches. I love it and so does my son. He only attends part time but it’s just enough.

The ranch is full of kittens so we are busy trying to find good homes for them.My sweet aunt Merry has been battling stage 4 cancer and strokes. She’s tough and brave. She’s one of my father’s sisters.

I’m making my usual fall goat milk soaps. And… I’m almost done with a romance I’ve been working on. I mean just the first draft of the story. Lots of rewriting and edits to go, but still…I’m enjoying the beautiful scenery on this ranch for the 15th year. Blessings.