My Morning…

This morning I woke up early, as usual. But what is unusual is I gave myself permission to go back to bed. At 5 am I got up and made my usual mocha cappuccino and then grabbed two books I’m reading and settled back into comfort and coziness. I had forgotten how good that is for the soul.

When my farm kid (youngest son) woke up we went outside and met a glorious and sunny day. We did our chores and headed back I. For breakfast and more coffee for me. Yesterday was a BOGO at Starbucks and yes, I am that person. I brought the extra one home and put it in the fridge or the next morning. It’s worked out well. 🙂It might seem like clutter to you but my coffee table holds nourishment for me! All those books…

Farm kid and I decided on a cozy, long morning inside and then later we will head outside in the sunshine to the barn. The ladies all need Bo-SE shots and Ivermectin. A couple goats are in heat and although I don’t have a buck this year, they still think they should get married and have babies.

The ewes are in with the ram to be bred for lambs hopefully after they are sheared this year. Trying something new. We will see how that works out.All of these pictures are from this morning.A big part of my day is going to be spent wallowing in the soul care of this little gem. Have you heard of this book? No, well you need it if your’e creative in any way.

I’m holding down the couch this morning but the dogs are on patrol. Have a great day and I hope you have the chance to do some things that are restful as well as labors that are useful.

ACFW Contest Vs. Personality Quizz

2018 has been rotten overall. I can give a long list of reasons; totally valid reasons I might add. You would read it and maybe feel as sorry for me as I’ve felt for myself. Well, maybe not quite.

Any who…

Have you taken any of those personality tests? I’ve taken probably half a dozen or more. Now, sometimes they are encouraging, right? They showcase your strengths, and even though they also highlight some weakness in your character or habits, they mainly seem to focus on positives. At the least they help you identify your strengths.

My family likes to do these. I suppose it’s good to take the tests together and discuss them,  and compare them. They help us discover things about ourselves and each other. They are helpful in marriages to understand one another better.

However, I took one that my husband and oldest son rave about as most accurate, and I came off badly. For one thing, it seemed to have too few questions to be very accurate. For another thing, the results are so arbitrary to be dependent on your blood sugar levels, hormones, or mood that day. That’s my opinion anyway. It also said I was pretty opinionated. Whatever.

I scored 100% on creativity and imagination and like a 5% on self discipline. So, apparently I’m like some flighty, artsy type who floats through life never really accomplishing anything? Well, that hurt. I evaluated my life for hours after that. I couldn’t sleep.

I got a low score on empathy for others…what?! Really? As well as some extremes on other areas like a very high score on assertiveness. Now, some things are probably close to the truth, but others I have serious doubts about.

I took the test with my oldest son and his wife, and held up pretty well in spite of my rising discouragement while they were here. But after they left, I kind of fell apart. By fell apart, I mean like cried for about 3 or 4 hours. That’s not like me at all. Perhaps it has something to do with the no good, rotten year I’ve had so far. It all folded in on me and I had a major pity party. Maybe I was mourning for the person I want to be but am not yet. Maybe I’m drained and over emotional. Could be a combination of it all. Maybe I’ll just go take the enneagram test again. sigh. I don’t know about you, but I get sick of navel gazing. Everywhere I go, there I am. I get sick of myself. There are far more interesting things to think about and examine in the world. I suppose some introspection is healthy, though.

The interesting thing is, the same day I also got the judge’s critiques back from the First Impressions contest that ACFW holds every year. I didn’t expect to do well, and I wasn’t upset by the criticism at all. I had entered the contest with the goal of receiving the feedback. I want to know where to focus my studying of fiction writing craft. If you have never heard of this contest, and you are a christian fiction writer, it’s a gem. By the way, thank you judges! Your time is appreciated.

First Impressions is an amazing opportunity for unpublished writers. It’s only $15 for professional judging and 3 critiques on the first 5 pages and blurb of your manuscript. Pure gold!

I had been so cut down by that personality test and yet I read the critiques on my writing with relish. I know it sounds weird, but I’m being honest. I knew going in I hadn’t put forth my best work. I had started with the wrong scene for my genre. I knew that, but had been so focused on getting words down for two books that I didn’t spend much time  polishing those 5 pages before entering the contest. Besides that I could not format the way they wanted to save my life. I spend days and days on that and still ended up needing someone to do it for me. I really wanted to know my weakest points, and I got my desire. It didn’t sting though. The feedback gave me places to go, rather than spreading my time so thin by trying to cover everything at once. I have only been writing fiction for a year, and studying how to do it for a couple months longer than that. You can imagine I have years to go before I get proficient at this writing thing.

Now, why were the results of the contest a blessing to me, and the results of the personality test a curse? For one thing, I still don’t think that particular personality test very accurate, for another it seemed like a personal attack. The judges scores and comments on my manuscript were valuable to me because I want to improve as a writer, and I give myself grace and time to learn. The personality scores lacked grace and maybe even truth, so I found them discouraging.

My takeaway is that maybe when I am passionate about learning something I can take the hits and keep going, but when I merely feel criticized without suggestions of self-improvement I am discouraged. Wouldn’t you be? Maybe I’m wrong. Being self-aware is great. Helpful even. I highly recommend it. But if the feedback in your life merely makes you feel shame, toss it and move along.

I’m going to do something the next two days very well. I’m going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my beloved family. I excel at Holiday dinners. My gravy would bring a tear to your eye. Then I’m going to watch the Hallmark channel all weekend, and Monday I’ll get back to work on grammar, story structure, plotting and characterization. I’ll busy myself with Novel Academy lessons, and I’ll keep writing every morning. In-between barn chores, laundry, and grocery shopping.


Since supposedly I have little to no self-control, I’ll make sure to hit Starbucks for my decaf Cordusio and stock my writing desk full of chocolate. Eat that, personality test.

I hope you’re having a better year than I am, and let’s all hope that 2019 is brilliant.


I Am Writing, Hashtag

I’ve been busy with writing and life, making soap and dealing with one health issue after another. I won’t go down my list with the fascinating facts, but I could use some prayer.

I’ve been working on 3 books this year and two are in the almost finished phase of their first drafts.

I’m a member if ACFW and usually pretty good about meeting my word goals each month on the Novel Track loop. This month we shall see… I’ve had some kind of appointment or other most days.

Have you ever seen

papaya Art bags? Well, I’m addicted. I found this bag that believe it or not, matches the cover in one of my books. Say what?! Yes, I know. I’m getting this baby from Sage & Rose Boutique. The owner is a neighbor of mine and a veteran. Have you ever been to a mobile boutique? Hers was my first and I’ll just say it’s fun!

If you’re in my area, ask me how to get in contact with the boutique for yourself and friends or google it.

Next week I’ll cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family, then I’ll get busy with Christmas preparations.

Christmas with the little people is always exciting. It’s almost time to put together my annual cocoa bar. The kids love that.

My heart belongs to this sweet girl who makes my day several days a week. I can’t wait until she snuggles up by the fire with a fancy cocoa and writes her letter to Santa.

These are good days. I hope yours are good too.

Fall Y’all

I don’t know about you but this fall has been busy for me. The animals are fat and glossy, ready for breeding season. Apples are peeled and in the freezer for pies. The sheep have full fleeces again, and school pictures have been delivered.

There have been two weddings to celebrate. Soap has been made, cured and orders in.

We have had a few upsets in the family. Just life.

My back freaked out and I was in terrible pain for a month- it still hurts, but I’m functional again- just in time for the Olympic Peninsula Christian Writers conference where I met and learned from Kate Breslin, in particular. She’s one of my favorite writers.

All in all, I’m not sad about winter coming because settling down by the fire with books, coffee, and my laptop is sounding pretty good. Oh ya, let’s not forget Netflix.

I’m writing quite a bit, two projects that I switch between. One contemporary Romance and one devotional. I’m also teaching story writing to a class of homeschooled kids.


what are you up to?