Inspirational Christian Fiction

Bring on 2019!

I’ve prayed and thought and received my word for 2019 and a Bible section to hold on to as well.

I have looked up all the key words and recorded them in the English and Hebrew and looked up word etymologies. Ya, I’m like that.

I have a word board, a Why, and What board. I’m feeling enthused.

Now I feel like I’ve got my focus, I can get busy planning and making goals.

I like to make personal goals, relationship, spiritual, writing, and home goals.

I make goals for things like management of our ranch, learning writing craft, how many writing conferences I attend, writing projects, Bible reading, and so on.

What about you? Care to share?

Inspirational Christian Fiction

Christmas Goodies

Do you feel like you have to do the traditions and pass them on the the next generation? I do and I love it. Christmas movies, music, candy, cookies and of course the holiday meal. All the things!

But I’m getting pretty fat and my joints hurt when I eat this stuff. So…

They can have the goodies and this is the path I’m going down…ha ha!