Inspirational Christian Fiction

Final Edits

I’ve been very busy writing all winter, as well as learning about Indie publishing. My head is swimming, but I’m having a good time and meeting great creatives.

I’m in the final edits of my first devotional book, and rewrites of my novel. I also have a second devotional as well as a Bible Study and and two more novels in the works.

If you feel inclined, please pray for me. I’m hoping to retain all the information I’m learning, as well as be a blessing to readers.  🙂


IMG_9067Copy of Devotions For Women

Inspirational Christian Fiction

Writing: My Why.

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. I learned to read, in fact, before kindergarten. It seems I was meant for words. I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember too. I got busy with my family though, and only dabbled in writing.

Two years ago when I decided my life was off the crazy train enough to write seriously, meaning more than blogging and the occasional magazine piece, I sat down to pray about it and figure out why I wanted to write so badly, and what I wanted to write.

I didn’t know it then, but the crazy train was not even close to slowing down. In fact, I was in for some hair raising loops. I persevered though, and wrote two novels while studying writing craft like a crazy person. I have since realized I have more to learn than I ever dreamed, and writing well is infinitely more difficult than I could have imagined two years ago. Still, I sorted out my why because I knew I’d need it. I have. It’s discouraging to feel so inadequate.

When I began homeschooling nineteen years ago, I knew I would need good enough reasons to carry us through to the end. I didn’t know much, but I knew it would be hard. It was. Is. But I know why I’m doing it, and of course wrote my reasons and goals down all those years ago to remind myself when I felt like quitting. I knew I would, and I have. It’s a wearying job.


I believe writing well is a gift, a discipline, and a service. It’s a way to love others. It’s a chance to give. My tagline is “Aspiring to Inspire” because that’s my why. I love to write, so I gain personal pleasure in sorting my soul and baring it on paper or a screen, but I also love to encourage others. I want to learn to write well-crafted stories to not only entertain, but also to inspire. I want to write clean words, because this world is dirty enough, and who among us doesn’t want to escape it? I know I do, and I can, when I’m in my story world with my characters.


My personality is such that I draw comfort and resources from solitude. That doesn’t really include animals, and I have surrounded myself with an array of pets. In short, it suits me to be home writing. Writing is a solitary endeavor, and that’s just fine with me.

But thank goodness for dogs at my feet, horses to ride, and sheep and goats. I wouldn’t mind a camel, but that’s another story, and another goal.

I don’t know if you’ve read my post on my word for the year. It’s flourish, and this is just part of the definition of flourish in one of the verses pertaining to my word found in the Bible. It’s relevant to my writing and that thrilled me. I hadn’t expected there would be such a meaningful connection when the word came to me.

Two years after I picked up my first book on writing, sold 3/4 of my livestock to make time for writing, and countless hours with my butt in a chair, hours spent reading, studying, listening, attending conferences and joining the Novel Academy, I have written 3 books and have a fourth started. To say I have been productive would be an understatement, but as to whether or not my writing has improved has yet to be seen.

I’ll keep working on it, enjoying myself all the while. But when the time comes I think it too hard, or rejections sting my insecure heart, I’ll have my why to remind me to endure.