My Son’s Lovey

My beautiful son has a raggedy old froggie. It’s his lovey. One of those corner blanket type things with a stuffed animal head. I bought it for him when he was an infant. He was a brand new foster baby. I knew he was my son immediately. Even though I was told he was with us for a weekend (standard line), and that I shouldn’t get attached. Well, how else do you mother an infant?! Dumb. Of course I got attached.

Anyway, I bought this thing and he loved it. A few months later I decided to be smart and buy a back up. It’s still in good shape. My son doesn’t touch it. The first one though, after nearly 9 years of constant love has gotten bedraggled.

My friends and family know I can’t sew. My son knows this, but he was getting more and more desperate this past year. Froggie is coming apart! My son has begged me to try to fix him before he comes undone altogether. I kept thinking I’d ask a friend but who wants to take on a smelly old rag that’s only dear to my little boy?

So last night I agreed to tackle the mission. Froggie, after all, was in dire straits.

My husband had become desperate enough to buy needles and thread for himself to sew up a pair of pants. Because even he knows I do not sew. All of a sudden I had thread and needles around.

Well my son and I played out that Froggie came in for surgery. He was given the whole treatment. Anesthesia and all.

I did it. He looks like crap. But here’s the thing…

My son doesn’t care that Froggie looks likes Frankenstein’s monster. His memory will be that his mother loved him enough to sit and spend over and hour carefully stitching up his dearest possession. He will look on those pathetic stitches one day and realize with a smile that I loved him and cared enough to perform a surgery scenario on his Froggie.

My husband was appalled at my handiwork, but I smiled, because I know my son approves with his whole heart.

He was never going to accept the back up Froggie. It always had to be the original, no matter what.

And maybe that symbolizes he and I and his biological mother. She was first, but I am the one who sewed up his lovie and led him to Jesus who can sew up his heart.

My son is adopted. He may have legally been a foster child, but he never was to us. He was our own baby from day 1.


Now, in other news, since I have been MIA for some time on this blog, I have been studying, writing, editing, until my brains want to fall out. I’m weary double time with the constant snow we have had this year. So I have taken a bit of time to just read for enjoyment again. My latest favorite author had a book release on her news and best yet, in my opinion, Far Side Of The Sea. Kate Breslin has done a brilliant work of historical fiction here. Her novels don’t disappoint, and this one has been the best. It’s already on audible. You can find it everywhere though.

Meanwhile, with all of the snow, eye specialist appointments and dental appointments, I have missed Bible Study Fellowship a few times this winter. That just gave me the chance to learn to download my homework on my iPad pro and use the pencil and Notability app to do it a new and fun way.


Lastly, I have an author website, newsletter, and I’m in the final edits for Rooted & Blooming, Flourishing In Desert Seasons. A devotional I’ve been writing along with my novels. I’ll be releasing this book this month! Sign up for my newsletter to get updates!


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