Whole 30 Coffee Creamer

I decided last month to do a cleansing diet called Whole 30. Google it if you’re interested. I think it’s kind of brutal, but I’ve also been addicted to sugar my entire life and Starbucks mochas in particular are my weakness. And caramel apples every fall. And my chocolate drawer in my office is lonely. But anyway, moving on…

My husband did Whole 30 before, and like most men, the rat immediately lost weight. Too much, in fact.

Alas, this has not been the case for me. Of course. My supportive husband is doing Whole 30 with me again. I think he likes it though. A glutton for punishment I suppose. Me, I’m a glutton too, but not for punishment.

The main reason I have been unsuccessful at dieting in the past is because I don’t want to give up my morning coffee ritual. Yes, I know, you can get used to black coffee, but it hurts my stomach and ruins it for days. So, I’m not doing that.

The Whole 30 guidelines don’t allow for any kind of sugar except fruit. There’s no honey allowed (sad), and you’re not even supposed to have Stevia, or any kind of artificial sweetener. So, this creamer I’m going to share with you is…ahem, not outside of the guidelines technically, but only within them legally. You get what I’m saying?

This creamer has allowed me to stand up to 27 days so far of no bread. No pasta. No cheesecake. No caramel apples for crying out loud. It’s a bad time of year to swear off all things delicious.

Anyway, if this helps you I’m glad.

I double my recipe because, well I just do. But here’s the easy, try-it-and-see recipe.

1 can Thai Kitchen organic coconut milk (this is super creamy, shake it before you open it)

The rest isn’t exact. I don’t really measure. I eyeball everything because I’ve made food like this for years, ever since my raw food period.

A handful of dates, soaked in a cup of water for a couple of hours or overnight. I then purée this until smooth. Add more water if it’s not runny, but you don’t quite want liquid either. You want a sweet syrup/applesauce kind of thing going on.

3 Tablespoons raw, organic cacao powder. (Or to your taste. I never measure anything and I think I add more)

Add the coconut milk and cacao powder and blend until creamy. Refrigerate it in a good old mason jar and pull it out of the fridge when you want to use it. After a couple days you may need to spoon it out of the jar and into your cup. It seems to get thicker each day.


The nice thing about having the date mixture thicker is that after a couple days in the fridge this actually can be a nice, spoonable chocolatey mousse.

Nature and Books

I had forgotten that I took these photos in the spring. I forgot to share this post, and left it in draft form all these months. Well…I’ve been busy. That’s my excuse. Any way, I wanted to share how my home was basically everything that feeds my soul (aside from the Bible).

I have plants in every single room in the house but two. I have farm animals tucked into every corner that’s not filled with wildlife or plants. It all makes my soul sigh.

I love books, animals, and nature. And a good mocha. Oh ya, and warm tortillas, really good salsa, refried beans, and Cadbury chocolate. I mention these things probably because my husband and I are doing the Whole 30 nutrition plan this month. I can’t wait until I can eat again!

What feeds you soul, and does your home reflect those things?


Rooted & Blooming on Audible


Rooted & Blooming has been well-received, I’m happy to report. Our local Indie Bookstore, Inklings, took a chance and stocked six copies. Which promptly sold out, so they ordered another six. Sold out again, so now they are ordering a dozen at a time. I’m grateful to have even the smallest bit of shelf room in the store, so my little book getting front desk status was beyond my imagining. Thank you every one who has purchased a copy.


I’ve had several experiences now where people have reached out to tell me how much the book has meant to them in a difficult situation, and that alone means it was all worth it. God gets the glory for every bit. There are even a few children listening to the audio version at bedtime. I love that!


I’ve gotten several messages from people listening to the book on Audible. That blesses me, and I certainly hope it blesses them. There’s lots of Scripture spoken to you there, because the brilliant narrator is also a Podcaster and movie Producer and loves to read the Bible aloud. Instead of listing the verses or sections to look up, she read them. Serena Travis is amazing. You should definitely visit her site so you can see just a few of the adventures she and her husband have had. Hosting their own TV show just being one.


I’m working on A Fierce Woman, Proverbs 31 Reclaimed. If any of you have experiences with women you considered Proverbs 31 women, I’d love to hear more. Please get in touch. You can email me at da ilywalkin farm@yaho o.com  (no spaces).

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