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My Double Life…

My Ipad desk
My laptop/writing desk
My rolling writing organizer. Yes, I’m that nerdy.
My reading nook in my writing office. Because, you know…Virginia Woolf. (A Room Of One’s Own)

I know I neglect this blog. It’s just so much easier to make a quickie post to Instagram and use an app that sends the post to other social media as well. But the truth is, nothing’s as homey as a blog! This post is a bit of a ramble, sorry. I just thought I’d share some images of my double life as a hobby rancher and a writer. Both keep me super busy!

I spend my days with the children and animals as always, but I also released a book and tried some new marketing ideas. I love to learn new things but hate pressure so when something gets too heavy I escape to my animals. My sheep, dairy goats, horses, and dogs are my main loves, but we have a large variety of animals too. And guess who takes care of them all?

You guessed it! Do you have pets? And if so, who takes care of them? I’m curious if I’m the only one who feels like a zoo keeper at times.

On Friday the sheep were sheared and today my last baby goat went to a new home. Now all that remains is to get the barn loaded with hay and decided which animals to breed.

But first, we start virtual school with the little country school down the road. Besides that I’m in the middle of writing another Inspy Romance novel I’d like to have out in time for Valentine’s Day. Sweetheart Farm Bed & Breakfast is the setting and the characters are starting to come to life for me. If you’d like to get my newsletter about my writing and books, there’s a sign up on my website:

This is my favorite time of the year and I plan to soak it up. How about you? What are your plans for the last weeks before winter comes?

Inspirational Christian Fiction

Say “Hello” to Renee White

I’d like to introduce you to Renee White. We’ve been friends for many years and she’s gold. Funny, smart, and dedicated. When she wanted to create a way to help other women grow in faith and confidence I was behind her all the way.

I could never have imagined she’d go to such trouble and attention to create a program so rich, so full of content, that I would want it for myself.

I give you:

Renee White

Christian Life Coach



Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Dalyn! I am so excited to meet new women and share Peace Secured with them.

Here’s my long story short for your readers:

I always felt incredibly loved and blessed by God growing up even as I look back now and realize that my childhood wasn’t what you would call easy. My parents divorced when I was five and too many moves and too many stepdads later, I somehow made it to eighteen, but not without some pretty deep wounds. Those childhood wounds, combined with selfishness and sin, helped me to make some pretty self-destructive decisions over the next 20 years of my life.

Now, since I promised you a long story short, I’m just going to let you fill in my 20-year gap from 18 to 38 because it’s pretty safe to let you insert most any sinful choice and I probably at least dabbled in it. And though I am certainly not proud to admit that to you, I am committed to honesty.

Fast-forward to today: I am a 48-year-old deliriously happy wife and mother to two young men, 19 and 20, a 17-year-old almost grown young man, and a spunky little seven-year-old boy. I homeschooled and am still homeschooling my boys and love every minute of it. What a blessing that we have the choice to homeschool in Washington State!

I live on a sweet little 7-acre farm that has always been my childhood dream. I spend many mornings looking out across my hayfields and thinking, “Lord, thank You so much for this!” even as I struggle to grasp that this beautiful property is truly mine for a time.

I am not one to dwell on the past which is what made it even more amazing when the Lord showed me, a few years back, how the wounds from our past have a way of embedding themselves deeply within us. And let me assure you that these hitchhikers have no intention of getting off at the next stop but rather they fully intend to ride out our lives deep within us. Many of us don’t even know we are still carrying these painful souvenirs and so we don’t realize the havoc they are wreaking in our relationships, including our relationship with the Lord.

Every one of us carries some deep-rooted negative core beliefs that act as a filter through which we see ourselves, others, and the world. But the thing about this filter is that it is based on lies, not on truth. The tragic outcome is that we end up managing our whole lives around these lies rather than walking fully in God’s truths.

Teaching women how to recognize and then break free from these self-defeating, negative core beliefs is the very heart of why I created the Peace Secured Study for Christian Women and I am so blessed to be able to coach these incredible ladies as they go through this life-changing study. Peace Secured combines an At-Home Study with Personal One-On-One Coaching to create the perfect combination of, “I love to learn at my own pace in the comfort of my own home” with, “I wish I had someone to explain this to me!”

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