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Are You Going To Nano?

Next month (and by that I mean next week!) lots of us will be committed to pushing out 50,000 words. An entire short novel in 30 days.

Is it doable. Yes. I’ve done it 3 times before and I love it. I published my last Nanowrimo project. I have a few others sitting around waiting for rewrites and polishing.

Nano creates a community in their website and who couldn’t use a little more community these days? Website link below! Sign up😊

I’m like many who call October, Preptober. We spend this month prepping for writing ✍🏼 those 50,000.

If you have a story idea, a plot, an outline, characters formed, even a Pinterest board, you’re more likely to succeed.

Here’s the gist of my 2020 project:

Love 💕Happens At Sweetheart Farm

Ian MacTavish is a stressed out wealth management advisor from the city who only works there because his family owns the firm and it’s expected.

His girlfriend is the daughter of their wealthiest client and he doesn’t like her, but dating her is expected.

When he gets promoted and she proposes, he runs!

He winds up at Sweetheart Farm B&B where Lexi Taylor and her Grandmother are struggling with too much work and too little money.

Sweetheart Farm is know for being a romantic getaway. But Ian just needs to escape.

He wants everything about his life to change.

Lexi wants her life to remain the same. No change means no more loss.

Ian can help her with financial advice when he applies to be a volunteer on the farm, and the way Lexi lives is the perfect example of what Ian craves. Simple and genuine.

Attraction stirs their hearts and maybe Grandmother’s sweetheart herbs have something to do with that.

But When Ian’s Grandfather comes and rekindles a very old romance with Lexi’s grandmother, Lexi wants Ian to leave. His coming has changed everything.

Ian will have to have the courage to fight for what he wants and Lexi will have to learn to embrace change and risk loss in order for their love to happen at Sweetheart farm.

Okay I have a rough plan and I’m ready to write those nearly 1700 words a day, every day, for 30 days. Yes, even though it’s a busier month than usual. Even though Thanksgiving requires a lot of time and energy.

I’m doing it!

How about you? Are you going to Nano? Are you signed up? Need some encouragement? Buddy me on the website.

Happy writing!

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