Inspirational Christian Fiction

Old Friends

Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, unsettled, or just restless I will go to an old friend for comfort.

I want to familiar voice to warm me and sooth all of my frayed nerves and set me back on solid ground.

I go to my favorite books.

I’m the type of person that can read the same book over and over.

My favorites are on an eclectic list. What some would consider an odd list.

The stories are mostly by people different than me. Often true stories and set in places I may never get to visit.

But sometimes the author has written things I relate to. Things that make me happy, draw me in and allow my soul to get cozy.

My favorites list is extensive. I’ve been reading a long time.

How about you?

Do you read the same book more than once or are you a love ‘em and leave ‘em reader?

What books or types of books are your favorite?

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