Inspirational Christian Fiction

Moving Forward

Same old, same old. The New Year resolutions post.


I don’t really make those. I pray for a word and a specific Bible verse and/or passage to strengthen me when times get tough. And they always do.

Because life is all about obstacles and overcoming them.

2020 was brutal in part because of some personal things, not necessarily a virus and government restrictions. But God always comes for me in the dark, and He dropped a word on me a couple weeks before Christmas. Once I looked it up and embraced it, I really turned an internal corner in my soul.

My 2021 word

I’m going to refuse the toxic and embrace the blessings and what?! Enjoy them.

That’s where I get stuck…not feeling guilty over the good things God has given me and allowed me to earn. My husband is a real-life hero and works so hard to provide and goes the extra mile. I realized after a recent discussion that guilt over having my dreams come true is a waste.

So, that’s gonna change.

Gratitude over greed, but also enjoyment over guilt.

I prepare for a new year by making goals sheets for my writing and personal life. Not resolutions. The standard: lose weight is there, but isn’t it always? When I was young I ate what I wanted and never thought twice but now that I’m in my middles I’m getting…thick. Baby got back. Heaven help me, I love a good brownie.

But I want to fit in my cute jeans and because I have a sweet little cowboy boot habit, I’ve had to come to terms with the facts: Everything, including boots, look better on a lean, healthy body. But that’s really my only personal goal aside from riding my horses more.

Writing Goals

I’m often happy to leave a year behind and embrace a new one, even if it comes with mystery and risk. No matter what comes, God is still good to His people and cultivating faith and hope and love will often color everything rosy.

Might as well crush goals under great boots
Not giving up my morning mochas

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