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My One word

The Bible is my map, my self-help book, my love letter, my encourager. Without reading through the Bible every year for umpteen years I’m really not sure I’d have the fortitude to withstand the crazy global storm right now. But God knew each day before it happened. He knows our thoughts before we think them and He’s aware of the future since before the past. He calls us to be strong, brave, wise, and kind.

I found myself struggling to be those things lately and I prayed for a word to keep in front of my face to help me. I’ve done it in the past and truth is I don’t even vaguely remember the word I chose for last year. But in years past I had words I was sure God chose for me and they’re in my marrow now.

Rooted, abide, and flourishing. Each time I look up the word, down to its etymology.

Simple. Direct. Easy to remember, yep that’s what I need. One word.

And when it’s really from Him, many lessons and experiences come from it and they stick. This year my word is IMPERVIOUS and it appeals to my Scandinavian and Celtic Viking DNA. I want to be impervious to the enemies in my face, the ones at my back, and the ones in the shape of little nibbling mice, chewing away at my peace.

Christ is my shield and in Him I have the power to be impervious to threatening outside forces.

When my mind isn’t in the process of renewal but on a loop of fear and worry, I’m not feeling His power. But it’s there. That knowledge helps. It really does.

My plan this year is the be impervious to the discouragement and that means sheltering myself and my home from the media. I want to be impervious to anxiety by rehearsing God’s promises and faithfulness. Impervious to the attacks of the enemy no matter whose mouth the attacks come out of or who is pointing a finger like a poisonous arrow at my heart.

Truth is a shield and shelter and the Word was with God and the Word was God. So I leave you with this advice: Girl/Guy, read your Bible.

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