Inspirational Christian Fiction

An Intriguing Romance Author

Milla Holt

Milla Holt writes fiction that’s sometimes called clean, wholesome, and/or inspirational. Her stories are contemporary romances with international settings and inter-racial relationships.

Side note from me…( personally I think there’s no such thing. We are one race: human)

Milla’s writing voice is intelligent, thoughtful, and while the romances align with favorite, well worn tropes, the themes add a spice you don’t find flavoring most books in this genre. Falling For The Foe touches on the HIV/AIDS issues, poverty, and big pharma.

When the characters go to Uganda, you go with them, settings are handled with skill and care. If Milla Holt takes you someplace in a story, you can believe it’s going to be a scenic ride.

Check out Milla Holt’s website, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that her books are unique, well written, and hard to put down. It’s obvious this author has studied her craft.

One thought on “An Intriguing Romance Author

  1. You won’t want to miss Milla Holt’s outstanding stories. She is a master at evoking emotion while keeping the reader turning pages until the end. If you are looking for an inspiring story that will deepen your view of the meaning of life, read Milla Holt’s novels. And tell your friends about them, too!


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