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Book Review: Sarah’s Choice

My author friend, Pegg Thomas who also keeps sheep has graciously allowed me to read and share her newest novel and boy, was it good!

Not surprising, considering she’s an award winning author and knows how to weave a story, not just spin real yarn. That’s right, Pegg spins sheep’s fleece into yarn and creates art that some of her readers are blessed to receive. She makes a beautiful shawl with each of her new book releases. Check out her newsletter, she’s a fascinating woman and a fabulous writer.

Sarah’s Choice is an emotional story that pulled me into the pages of the book and maybe it was my hormones (I doubt it) but I did shed a few tears and fall in love with Cully. If only more men were like Cully!

Sarah is a young newlywed in 1776. The French and Indian war is over but the frontier in Pennsylvania is still fighting for land. The battles in the settlements, forts, and villages make life dangerous and brutal. She endures a harrowing and brutal event that, while horrible to consider, was a hard reality for many young women who lived in her time.

Sarah’s Choice is based on historical accounts on Pontiac’s Rebellion. The detail Pegg weaves in this gripping story is rich and allowed this reader to experience the dangers, tragedies, triumphs, harsh reality and sacrificial love from the safety of my sofa. With a cup of tea, something Sarah missed and I thought of her as I sipped. You see, the characters are well-written and became real to me while I read. That’s good story crafting.

Sarah’s losses are so harrowing, her experiences so brutal, her bravery so inspiring, that you absolutely root for her healing and happily ever after.

Cully is a quiet, strong hero, who, with wisdom and hard work, manages to make a home with his bare hands for a group of vulnerable women who band together in adversity to become a family. Cully has choices to make, too. He’s a man with integrity and honor, just the kind I like to read about.

If you’re a historical fiction/romance fan, you’ll love Sarah’s choice.

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