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Life On A Dirt Road

From our back hill in the evening

I love living on a ranch. I love being surrounded by agriculture. Rural life suits me. It inspires me.

The best mornings are the long, quiet ones with my morning mocha on the front porch. The birds are singing, the hens are pecking on the lawn, and the hummingbird feeder is getting lots of traffic.

A few hens sitting in the shade of the lilac bush in the front yard.

I live on a long dirt road in a valley surrounded by hills, hay fields, apple orchards, horses, and cattle.

It’s the kind of neighborhood where everyone has a few dogs and you wave when you drive past, stop for a chat in the road maybe.

If you need help, there’s always someone willing, no matter how dirty the job, or how trivial. If there’s an emergency you can count on everybody.

Cowboys and ranchers are that way.

My horses

I love to be outside. Tractors drive by, men move water lines, enormous boxes of apples are lined up alongside the road by forklifts in the fall. Semi’s pick them up. Semi’s drop off boxes of honeybees in the spring. There’s always some kind of work going on. People on horseback, on Quads, in pick-up trucks or Gators. It’s not as quiet as people think- industry starts early mornings, but it’s peaceful.

My sweet peas
I grow onions just for the blooms 🙂
The sunsets are inspiring.
Kito in his summer colors

I love to watch the herons fly by, the red tailed hawks hunt over the fields, the owls perched in the trees. There are horses on every side of our ranch, sheep and goats filing down the hill in my pasture. Coyotes cry at night and frogs get together and do their best to drown out the coyotes.

Oh yes, it’s all good.

Do you love where you live? Tell me some of the highlights. Leave a comment because I’m interested!

My husband took this on his commute to work.

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