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Ranchin’, Rodeo, & Romance

A tall, dark and handsome man next to a tall, dark and handsome horse. They have the same name.

So, the best time of the year around here is the rodeo season. At least in my opinion. I love to go to the rodeo. The western lifestyle and community is romantic to me. I crave it all.

I am a true lover of all things western. My heroes really are cowboys. I’m surrounded by them on our ranch and one thing is sure, there’s always someone around to lend a hand, keep you safe, or bring around an extra bale of hay when you run short.

Rodeo soccer! Absolutely a good time!

Around this ranch the animals have been pared down again. The change is bittersweet as I transition to more writing and less shepherding. I’d like to spend more time on my horses as well as behind my computer. The goats and sheep really were a full time job with milking, kidding, lambing, shearing, hoof care, and all the other things.

Don’t worry, I found everyone good homes. By the middle of this month there will only be 3 pet goats and the horses besides the goose, chickens, dogs, and cats. The tortoise escaped his summer pen so we are down another pet. I’m going to try to refrain from adding more.

Magpie had surgery

The dogs still keep us occupied, the chickens are keeping me in eggs and for the first time in my ever-lovin’ life I finally have a producing garden. Well, it’s just one box, but still. There are a mass of carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, and even a couple of cantaloupe in that thing. Yahoo!

The adult kids still hang around, too.

This month or next the flatbed loads of hay should be delivered.

I’ll keep feeding the hummingbirds, try to find the barn kitties country homes, and I’m working on a cowboy romance novel that I hope to make into a series.

I’m not a pumpkin spice fan, but fall is my favorite season. Cute jeans, boots, and sunny days paired with cold nights. Apples and more apples, and all the produce goodies from the farmer’s markets. Yep. All that goodness is around the corner. And let’s not forget football. (meh) I live in a male dominated household so football on TV means I have the other room to myself, ha ha!

My very favorite treat for fall is homemade caramel apples. My favorite meal when it’s cold is butternut squash soup with toasted nuts, thyme, and parmesan sprinkled on top. Lots of cream and butter inside. Of course.

How about you? What’s happening and what are you looking forward to?

5 thoughts on “Ranchin’, Rodeo, & Romance

  1. Hi, Dalyn,

    This “city slicker” loves learning about the cowboy lifestyle! Would you believe that we have a famous rodeo here in New Jersey? It’s called the “Cowtown Rodeo”, and I’ve been to it! It’s located about 40 minutes from where we used to live. Here is the link:

    Keep the cowboy stories coming!



    1. What what fun! I think there are rodeos just about everywhere. It’s a culture that I hope never dies out. Enjoy yours! They need more support now than ever.


  2. I’m also a rodeo fan and love the west, but especially horses. I miss having them, but don’t miss the time caring for them. I’m looking forward to my return to the Pacific Northwest in October. Hope it works out to get together!

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