A Devotional I have been working on during this past year. 2018 has been tremendously hard, so I figured while I’m encouraging myself, I might as well share.

Devotions For Women

I haven’t gotten the cover designed yet for my Contemporary Inspirational Romance yet.

378696d6e5acf6bca80b5f552fd3ba6d This handsome dude is my inspiration for William Townsend, the hero in book 1 of my Heroes of Apple Valley series. I’m about 85,000 words in, on the first draft. We have some miles to go, and I’m enjoying getting to know my characters.


This is a Bible study I have been building for years. I have a notebook chock-a-block full of notes, and now I’m working on getting it into book form to share.

eBook - Untitled Designa

I have invested the time, energy, and study of the craft to write well. I’m working in that direction, so be patient with me please? I have invested the funds in craft books, conferences, classes, and tools to help me reach my goals. I’m having a blast. I’m extraordinarily blessed to have the support of family and a quiet ranch to write from, my own retreat center that is also my home.